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Past Events

CU DRIVE & DINE CRUISE - Sept. 22, 2019

          Well we had great success on our Drive & Dine Cruise today (Sun. Sept. 22, 2019). We had a total of 9 Corvettes and 17 members. Dave Kinsey was our Wagon Master and Ted Trembley was our Caboose. We met at 2:00 PM at the Wawa off of Route 55 and Route 322 in Mullica Hill. We could not let this perfect day go without using our Corvettes. We had a great turn-out for such a short notice. From Wawa, we cruised to CinderBAR located in Clarksboro, NJ. This is a fairly new place and it was an interesting eatery with a good size menu of various offerings. The staff took good care of us since we called ahead to let them know we were coming. It was a nice cruise getting their through the country area of Harrison Township, NJ. Those who attended were: John & Susan Sweibeinz, Beverly & John Taormino, Michael Hignutt, Frank & Susan Hignutt, Butch & Sue Pierce, Bob & Kathy Aussenberg, Ted & Cookie Trembley, Dave & Joanne Kinsey, and Joe & Linda Betterelli.

Article by: Dave Kinsey  

CU at Kerbeck Toys for Tots - Sept. 21, 2019

          Corvettes Unlimited Corvette Club, Inc. members cruised and attended Kerbeck’s Toys for Tots 2019 Run on Saturday, September 21. Meeting at Wawa in Buena, we cruised to the Farley Plaza on the Atlantic City Expressway to stage our Corvettes for the run to Kerbecks Toys for Tots at Kerbeck Corvette. We had a picture-perfect day for this event. As we waited for the Toys for Tots Run to start, Corvettes started to come in one after one. According to outside sources there were 500 Corvettes that arrived at the Plaza…100 more than last year. We had a lot of fun meeting very friendly people and had a chance to look at all kinds of Corvettes while waiting for the run to start. At noon, the cruise started from the Farley Plaza and we cruised down the Expressway to Exit 2 and continue to Kerbeck. We parked across the street from Kerbeck at what was once called Bater Field. They let us kick up our Corvettes a bit on the tarmac of the old air strip. The adrenaline was there! 


          The way the police controlled the exiting from the Expressway was done very well allowing us to merge into the Black Horse Pike very easily. And the way they directed us into Bater Field was planned very well. This was one of the best organized cruise they ever had. When we arrived at the big tent, and delivered our Toys (at least one toy per vette) at the drop-off point in the tent. We had some great entertainment, hamburgers, cheeseburges, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, pretzels, water, soda (all free) along with Mr. Softee Ice Cream. There were plenty of tables and chairs for all to use. Some of us walked across to the street to talk to the Kerbeck staff and look at other Corvettes in their parking lot. All in all we had a great and exciting day. All of this was for a good cause - Toys for Tots.

          Those who attended were: Ted Trembley (our Wagon Master), Dave Kinsey (who was the caboose to our group), Bob Aussenberg, Nate Jamison (new member - welcome!), Michael Highnutt, Frank & Susan Hignutt, Joe & Linda Betterli, Barry Holman (new member - welcome!), Tom Brown, and our ghost member from Lancaster PA, Stanley Olkowski who met us there. We had a total of 10 Corvettes there with 11 members attend this event. See the pictures below.  

Article by:Dave Kinsey

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